Product presentations using acrylic glass

Acrylglas Tee Depot

Outstanding product presentations made of acrylic glass

Acrylic glass installations capture the few seconds of attention potential customers give to a product presentation. Transparent illuminated signs, colour accents in the housing cover or views into otherwise hidden technical details – acrylic glass processing provides manufacturers with the tools they need to outperform their competitors.

What is acrylic glass?

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), or simply put acrylic glass, is a transparent thermoplastic synthetic material. Although it is significantly lighter than conventional mineral glass, it allows more light to pass through at the same thickness. The plastic is weatherproof, UV-resistant and environmentally friendly. During recycling, the raw material for the next manufacturing process is produced by simple grinding. In addition, additives in the production process allow the colours to be adapted to almost any company or product design.

These outstanding optical and material features are only one reason for the continued popularity of plastics. The extensive possibilities for individualizing and adapting acrylic glass to different needs provide additional benefits.

What are the advantages of PMMA?

The transparent plastic is superior to glass not only in its optical properties. It also outperforms its silicon competitors in terms of weight and break resistance. At the same time, PMMA reliably blocks harmful UV radiation while it provides weather and UV resistance at the same time. Acrylic glass also has a very good chemical resistance.

However, its greatest advantage lies in the processing of this material. Laser cutters produce smooth, transparent cut edges without time-consuming post-processing. PMMA is ideal for milling, bending, gluing, printing or engraving and serves as a lighting element. Numerous design options in acrylic glass processing allow the most unusual and creative ideas to be implemented.

Acrylglas Halterung / Acyrylic glass stand

Where can acrylic glass be used?

In addition to countless industrial, medical and artistic applications, acrylic glass products are ideal for presenting  products and services in the right light: used as light guides in advertising installations and transparent illuminated signs, products made of PMMA quickly and effectively catch the eye.

Acrylglas Farbrondell Variation

Skilful processing of acrylic glass draws customers’ attention to  the products – in shops and windows, at exhibition stands and product displays. It refines sales displays and brochure holders. With transparent windscreens, lids and complete housings, it displays what goes on inside devices and machines. Its attractive appearance,offers the key to successful product presentation.

Acrylglas Farbrondell / Acrylic Glass Color presentator

What kind of acrylic glass products does STEINHORST® offer?

STEINHORST®, a division of mentec®, has more than 25 years experience in processing and manufacturing of:

  • sales aids
  • office accessories
  • trophies and cups
  • technical components
  • design and promotional items

as well as the required planning and design. Steinhorst® manufactures individual pieces and small series of several hundred workpieces, using a combination of advanced machine work and handcrafting. Together with the client, modern objects with clear lines and transparent shapes are created from visions in Upper Bavaria.

The elegance of this material increases the appeal of products, the strength of messages and the value of honours.