Acrylglas bedruckt von mentec®

When functionality and price are similar...

... often the appearance decides on a sale’s success

Sometimes it’s just the look!

Then you need

Kunststoffgehäuse, Folientastatur von mentec
Werkzeugbox aus Acrylglas von mentec®

Precise milling and laser cutting!

Acrylglas Abdeckhaube mit Rundbiegung von mentec®

Upgrading the appearance

Acrylglas-Detail von mentec®

Functionality and elegance!

High-quality acrylic glass processing for high-quality products

Acrylic glass is an attractive material when it comes to high-quality products. In our production plant in Surberg near Traunstein south of Munich, we are processing many excellent high-quality designs using experienced employees and ultra-modern laser technology – individual acryllic glass products. For our housing production, this means that we can offer transparent covers, front panels, light guides or even complete enclosures made of acrylic glass.

We are also increasingly using this fantastic material as a design element.

Whether single order of acryllic glass production or batch production: we deliver!

Further information about our design brand STEINHORST® you will find  >>> here

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