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All inclusive package



Kunststoffgehäuse, Folientastatur von mentec
Druckfeder-Schrauben von mentec®

Exclusive locking systems make your housing unique!

Gehäuseschloss von mentec®

Locks secure your products!

Magnete und Stäbe von mentec®

Magnets and pins for the mechanicsm...

Spreizfüße zum Einstecken von mentec®

Solid feet for a secure stand!

Gummifüße selbstklebend von mentec®

To prevent slippage: rubber feet with adhesive!

Scharnier von mentec®

are always in stock,

A multitude of mechanical components

in order to deliver

perfect and complete plastic housing

quickly and simply.

Housing accessories: we have a huge selection in stock

With over a million housing accessories in stock, a huge selection of parts is available so that we can quickly and easily supply you with perfect plastic enclosures.
Various housing foot variants, screws for thermoplastics (PT screws), hinges, handles, locks and countless other components are available for your projects.

The following list provides you with an overview of the possibilities we offer with our housing accessories:

  • Counter for the safety engineering sector
  • Captive screws for housings in access control applications
  • Snap-in hinges for the monitor sector
  • Monitor holders and swivel arms for industrial applications
  • Spacer with metric internal threads for mounting plates
  • Self-adhesive rubber feet for supporting the stability of medical housings
  • Simultaneously and differently closing locks for logistics projects
  • Ball thrust pieces for detachable connections
  • A hot-pressed Tappex as a threaded insert for fastening housing covers and assemblies
  • PT screws for single fixing of circuit boards for electrical enclosures
  • Seals for preparation of IP protection for outdoor housings
  • Top-hat rail system for installation in switch cabinets
  • Magnets for side panel mounting of control housings
  • Handles for carrying mobile housing units more comfortably
  • Light guide for transporting LED light
  • Precisely fitting cellular rubber strips for the preparation of the tightness of control housings in the case
  • Cylindrical pins for positioning individual parts
  • Welded-in panes as visual protection for industrial monitors
  • Threaded insert for a display mounting in a control housing
  • Countersunk screws for flush mounting
  • Pull-out rails for the assembly of drawers
  • Knurled screw for tool-free housing screwing
  • Double furniture castor for mobile housings in the field of medical technology
  • Gas spring with ball head for opening and closing of doors
  • Grip recesses for transport applications
  • Bakolen interior padding for a laptop transport box

Let us advise you which housing accessories and parts are best suited for your project.

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