Silikontastatur transparent von mentec®


... whether rain or storm ...

... the keyboard lasts!

Kunststoffgehäuse, Folientastatur von mentec

Silicone keyboards

Silikontastatur Ziffernblock durchleuchtend von mentec®

For heavy-duty use

Whether in contact with water,
chemicals or varying temperature...

Our silicone keyboards deliver

what we promise!

Silikontastatur Ziffernblock mehrfarbig von mentec®

Many options - one contact person!

Silicone keypads from mentec®

Our silicone keypads can withstand many adverse environmental influences like moisture, chemicals, dirt and high-load capacity… our silicone keypads are robust and they come at attractive production costs. These are just a few reasons why silicone keypads are used in so many areas, often without being visible.

There are almost no limits to design and feel, because the key size and height as well as the key stroke and the required actuation force canbe freely selected.

In addition, the highly elastic material can seal the plastic housing or be used as a light guide for backlit keys.

Another very attractive form is a keypad based on a membrane keypad, which combines the advantages of both systems.

The convincing facts

  • Single or multicoloured silicone
  • Individualized: printed or lacquered inscription with lasered symbols
  • Electrical contact surfaces using carbon printing, carbon pills, metal pills or metal domes
  • Surface protection by PU in matt or glossy, epoxy or for special protection by plastic caps

More than 15 years of experience in the field of silicone keypads make us your competent partner.

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