Touch panels – operate devices intuitively!

Since the invention of smartphones, the trend has been to operate many devices by touching or gesturing, but it can be disappointing if nothing happens or the device does not work intuitively.

Another flexible option for data input and device operation is the touch panel.

The electronics allow many buttons to be displayed and even complicated menu controls can be operated in a user-friendly manner. Like our other products, we deliver customised and individual touchscreens. Standard sizes are also available. In combination with a membrane keyboard or
overlay, you get a complex control unit that gives you all the freedom you need.

We deliver what you need!

Touchpanel von mentec®
Touchpanel von mentec®

Technical options:

  • Maximum size 550 x 410 mm or 21.5 inch
  • 4-, 5- or 8-wire technology
  • Capacitive or resistive version
  • Long lifetime: 1,000,000 actuations or more depending on technology
  • Surface hardness > 3H

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