Kunststoffgehäuse mit gebogener Klappe von mentec®

Form, colour and function ...

We design your housing according

to your specific needs

Kunststoffgehäuse, Folientastatur von mentec
Platinen-Kunststoffgehäuse mit Acryl-Fenster von mentec®

We also offer small

and flat housings

with or without display window

Scanner Kunststoffgehäuse von mentec®

Laser cutting,




Rounding edges,

Kunsstoffgehäuse mit EMV Lack und Folientastatur von mentec®

Also available with

EMC varnish and

integrated membrane keypads

Kunsstoffgehäuse mit flexiblen und starren Lichtleiter von mentec®

If you wish

we also assemble

functional accessories

Like light guides,
rubber bumper or others!

Kunststoffgehäuse Anwendung: Tablet-Gehäuse von mentec®

When something needs

fit together:

in the matter of plastic housings!

We are your professional partner

Kunststoffgehäuse, Folientastatur von mentec

Planning and offer

We are pleased to help you from the beginning with all kinds of information!

>>> All beginnings are easy – with mentec®

Development and prototype construction

We assist you during the whole process …

>>> From an idea to a practical solution!

Batch production

What vertical range of manufacture do you need?

>>> Batch production

No tooling costs // Prototypes can be produced in a short time // Individual housings produced economically even in small quantities // Subsequent adjustments usually possible speedily and at low cost

Our core competence:
Professional and economical plastic processing

The result:
Plastic housings to be proud of.

Why are we so successful in our industry? Because we are constantly evolving!

Most of our production processes do not require the use of elaborately manufactured moulds. This saves a lot of time and money, especially when producing small series or prototypes.

In the development process, this technology is highly valuable, as adjustments can be made quickly and cost-effectively. In most cases, the final prototype completely matches batch production. The results are amazing and absolutely worth to be proud of.

If you would like to know more about our innovative manufacturing processes, just contact us or explore our in-house K-Box-Technology!

Planning and offer plastic housings

A designated contact person will accompany you through your projects with us. Whether you have only a vague idea of your desired product or a clearly defined design, they will address your concerns.

Our services for you:

The design

Our design and construction department works professionally with our designers to create a feasible, functional design that meets your requirements. Our experience saves time and costs in the development process and often in production too..

Development and construction

Together with you, we develop a complete solution for your project that does not only include the housing. Connections, display covers, switches, membrane keyboards and much more are taken into account during design. This results in beautiful and ergonomic products with high usability.

Individualisation – stand out!

We offer you many possibilities to stand out visually and technically from your competitors. We offer a variety of solutions, like creating incredible effects through simple and cost-effective surface-finishing. Choosing materials with the best surface, digital printing, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, laser marking, engraving, painting, flocking or water transfer processes… there are many possibilities.

Preparing an offer

Once all parameters have been determined, we will be happy to make you an offer.

Development and prototype construction plastic housings

Depending on the task, we develop the desired product or build one or more prototypes according to your specifications.

We start at the development phase you are currently in. Whether you come to us with a circuit board, other electronic components, a drawing, a product design or a finished construction file – we tie in at that point.

For advance control, you will receive 3D visualizations for approval. Then we produce the first sample, which you can test extensively. If required, we will further adapt your housing.

Batch production plastic housings

Once the prototype is finally released, batch production begins. Many of our production processes, such as K-BOX® technology, allow us to produce the quantities you want. You can call up batches of 10, 50, 500…

It often makes sense to start with smaller quantities. Many companies realise shortly after roll-out that their customers need one more interface or that the power supply has to be moved a few centimetres due to thermal problems. With our production technologies, this is usually not difficult and the second, modified batch can be produced at short notice.

For white label products we also produce individualised batches, which differ in form, colour and print, for example.

For batch production in large quantities, different production technologies such as injection moulding or deep drawing can be economically attractive. If a tool-bound process makes sense, we will be happy to calculate it for you and discuss further possibilities.

Some of the impact-resistant polystyrene materials for K-BOX® technology, which are immediately available.

We always have more than 40 different materials in stock, most of them in different thicknesses as well as special materials such as UL94-V0, EMC coated panels etc. On request, we can also manufacture your housing in any desired colour. For smaller runs we can coat special colours. For larger runs we can produce a plastic mixture especially for you.

Injection moulding technology

While K-BOX® technology is a tool-free CNC milling technology, injection moulding is a tool-bound one. The injection moulding process is suitable for producing specific plastic housings when no more changes are expected and the production of housings in higher quantities is planned. Using injection moulding technology, we can offer you batch-produced plastic housings in any shape.

Kunststoffgehäuse Beispiel: Tiefzieh Kassengehäuse von mentec®

Deep Drawing

Even for medium quantities, plastic housings can be supplied cost-effectively and precisely using the thermoforming process. By using heat and vacuum, plastic plates can be created in the desired housing form. By combining the thermoforming process with K-BOX® technology, innovative and particularly high-performance plastic housings with free-form surfaces can be produced.

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