mentec® Blog: Plastic housings, membrane keypads and more

Welcome to our blog! The mentec® Blog is a new component of our website and informs our customers about applications, stories and advantages of our products such as plastic housings, membrane keypads, acrylic glass products, touch panels and silicone keypads. In the future, we will regularly publish new articles, so it pays off to come back again and again.

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Acrylglas Tee Depot

Product presentations using acrylic glass

The material acrylic glass, also called PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), can be used to produce wonderful and elegant workpieces. Based on the acrylic glass processing by mentec, which is operated by the subsidiary STEINHORST, excellent products can be produced from this material.
Tragbares Medizintechnik-Gehäuse von mentec

Medical technology housings: high demands on the quality of a plastic housing

Medical technology housings are subject to special requirements in terms of ergonomics, surface and material properties. Mentec offers the necessary know-how and production possibilities.
Tabletghäuse - das Kunststoffgehäuse für den professionellen Einsatz

Tablet housing in practice: robust plastic cases for tablet PCs in use

Tablet housings are common in professional use. In this article we present some application and design options of this special form of plastic housing.
Kunststoffgehäuse als Medizintechnik-Gehäuse von mentec®

Creating a plastic housing prototype

Startup companies that are on the way to develop an electronic device will need prototype support in making a plastic housing. We are the experts. This article explains how we do it and help our customers make their electronics product a success.
Formschönes Raspberyy Pi Gehäuse aus Acrylglas mit Druck

Custom made housing for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a so-called single-board computer and has been successful due to its performance and ease of use. In addition to numerous inventor and inventor projects, there are also projects that need for the Raspberry Pi housing - we at mentec ® are the right contact for this.