Medical technology housings: high demands on the quality

Tragbares Medizintechnik-Gehäuse von mentec

A very common field of application for an individual housing is in the field of medical technology. If a new measurement or therapy product has been developed, an attractive and above all precise and functional housing is essential. Although the intelligence of the medical device lies inside, a professional case is often the key factor for the successful market launch of such a medical technology product. In addition to optical factors, other material characteristics such as longevity, care and robustness are properties that make it possible for a medical technology housing to withstand continuous everyday use.

Which materials can be used for medical technology housings?

An easy-care material with a smooth surface is essential for sensitive and hygienic areas, such as a doctor’s surgery. The surface must not wear out too quickly, or become dull from frequent cleaning. Not only must a physician have a professional appearance, but the equipment must also inspire confidence in the patient. A medical device that is beautiful in design and shape, with an attractive surface promotes well-being in the patient. When manufacturing medical technology housings, we use outstanding materials such as white acrylic glass (PMMA). Due to its material properties, acrylic glass is easy to clean, as very smooth and high-gloss housing surfaces can be produced with this plastic. In addition to coloured acrylic glass, transparent PMMA is also available, allowing insights into the inner workings of medical devices, for example for use in displays. PMMA offers a large selection of manufacturer colors, which are also available for smaller order quantities. This enables you to provide housings in various OEM color variants for your customers. Material combinations are also possible for medical housings. For example, the housings can be supplemented with anodized aluminum. Different colored plastic elements (color applications) are also possible.

Tip: with satinised acrylic glass, unusual LED light applications can be incorporated into a housing. Changing the light of the LED application greatly enhances the appearance of the housing.

Medizintechnik Gehäuse mit LED Beleuchtung Medizintechnik Gehäuse mit LED Beleuchtung Medizintechnik Gehäuse mit LED Beleuchtung

Can the medical technology housing be coated with lacquers?

Lacquering medical technology housings is possible as with our regular plastic housings. Surface designs in a wide variety of colors can be created with the help of coatings. We offer matt or gloss varnishes in the color variants, with and without surface structure, which are available within the specification of RAL colors. In order to avoid static charges, the housing can be coated with antistatic lacquer. To ensure electromagnetic compatibility, EMC shielding is also possible by coating the interior of the housing with EMC lacquer.

What technical enhancements do mentec® medical housings offer?

Weyergans spm 1 mentec<sup>®</sup> Medizintechnik-Gehäuse

In order to be able to operate the electronics inside the housing with external information, a wide variety of components for human-machine interaction are possible. mentec® offers suitable operating elements such as membrane keypads, silicone keypads and touchpanels.

mentec® enables the integration of technical extensions and applications when manufacturing your medical technology housing. We enable the use of doors, sliding elements and magnetic locks. Further housing accessories such as light guides, counters, snap-in hinges etc. are provided by mentec® and integrated into the overall concept.

What types of housings are available for medical technology housings?

Since electronic devices are used very close to people in the medical technology sector, it is necessary to adapt the housings to this situation. We ensure that our medical technology housings have the necessary suitability for everyday use, ergonomics and mobility to work in a medical practice. For this purpose, a wide variety of housing designs are possible: Standalone housing with castors, mobile / portable housings with handles, desk housings, desktop housings, wall-mounted housings and monitor housings.